Top 10 Project Management Software Systems

Wrike: No. 1 In Project Management


pmsProject management software systems are usually created to assist companies in organizing their work and managing the structure and various aspects of their operations. If you use a reliable project management software, you should be able to easily manage projects, set deadlines, organize resources and staff, plot schedules, set deadlines, delegate assignments to teams with proper skills or enough time. It is also possible to collaborate on individual tasks more easily and facilitate communication between teams and customers. However, which software will fit your company needs best? To help you answer that question our SaaS team prepared a test of all popular services of this kind and came up with a list of top 10 best project management sofware systems that should help you choose a tool best suited for your rerquirements and budget.

1. Wrike – Score 9.8/10


Wrike won our Best Project Management Software for 2016

After a thorough comparison of all major products in the project management category our team found Wrike to offer the best quality of services for the best price. Wrike got the highest score of 9.8/10 in our test and it boasts an impressive 99% user satisfaction rating. We also distinguished Wrike with our Best Project Management Award for 2015 as well as our Supreme Software Award. Wrike offers a very flexible pricing plan and a great free trial that lets you try out all the key features and see if the software meets your expectations.

Wrike provides small businesses and enterprises with a flexible and reliable platform that gets them up and running right off the bat. The software flaunts integration capabilities that make it a perfect collaboration software for companies that are looking for just that. Wrike easily edges other options with its ability to assimilate with 33 business applications, ranging from accounting and invoicing, customer management systems (CMS), content management, CRM, email integration, customer support, file sharing and more.

Wrike also integrates with popular and widely-used third party applications like as Outlook, Google Drive, Dropbox, MS Project, Salesforce, WordPress, HipChat, and ZenDesk to mention some. With vast integration choices, Wrike is not just a reliable software for collaboration, but a flexible platform that significantly enhances the efficiency and productivity of your business.

A free plan for teams up to 5 users is available. You can also easily start your free trial of Wrike here.

2. Asana – Score 9.6/10


There are so many reasons why productivity-focused employees love Asana. This team collaboration services is designed to facilitate workflow management but it is also packed with features that easily address the nitty-gritty of task management. Companies that use Asana deploy the software to keep track of their daily lists of to-dos and provide employees with a more productive avenue where they can follow the status of their tasks and progress.

Asana is a project management system that gives organizations the ability to be transparent, particularly with the details of their projects. That said, the software does have options for keeping some projects and works private. It may not be an end-to-end workplace management software, but Asana is undoubtedly one of the best collaboration and productivity apps for teams available today.

3. Dapulse – Score: 9.5/10


Dapulse also got a very high score in our test and it has a really good user satisfaction rating of 95%. This software stands out because it offers a suite of sophisticated scheduling tools for task and project management that you can use to eliminate paperwork and minimize the risk of manual errors. Satisfied users rate the product high on timely delivery and reliability factors. We found this product very impressive because it is a fast and responsive system that facilitates search, collects all people, activities, and projects on a single board, provides shortcuts, notifications, and alerts, and also stores discussions in a logical manner.

Dapulse offers many useful features and the ones that standout among them are advanced collaboration and transparency. It is apparent when you access the system’s shared and private boards that it has been designed to efficiently combine project management and collaboration

Main features of dapulse include multiple seamless integrations with third-party apps, knowledge base, motivational tool, and email notifications and updates. This solution also offers a host of benefits including streamlined access and monitoring, advanced customization, active collaboration, professional end-user service, and diverse reporting options.

4. Clarizen – Score: 9.5/10


Clarizen is another of the category’s frontrunners, distinguished by our experts with a great score of 9.5/10. The system is one of the rare project management tools that can actually tie task accomplishment to social engagement, and it does it with impeccable, enterprise-grade perfection. Thanks to this unique connection, Clarizen helps even a wide range of companies in more than 76 countries boost their performance. Currently, Clarizen holds our 2016 Best PSA Software Award, and the Best Enterprise Project Management Award for 2016.

But what is it that makes Clarizen so popular? The system is cloud-based and easy to deploy, and can streamline your workflow by simply connecting your tasks to the appropriate projects and conversations. Thanks to it, you can manage your projects and initiatives easily, and prioritize resources once all information is gathered in a single location. At the same time, Clarizen keeps your team members connected, and allows them to communicate and share files before proceeding with execution. What is really special about Clarizen is its accurate methodology, allowing companies to edit draft version of the project even after it is completed and activated. For a regular employee, this means that anomalies can be spotted easily, and corrected instantly. Besides, Clarizen is a moderately priced and well-integrated product, and it offers a great 30-day free trial where you can examine the features.

5. JIRA Software – Score 9.4/10


JIRA offers companies a throng of functionalities and almost unparalleled flexibility. You can deploy JIRA for the following areas: agile project management, budgeting, collaboration, customization, issue tracking, learning and support, notifications, resource management, task management, and traditional project management

The platform is very popular among software development companies as it enables teams to communicate on software bugs and set their priorities and determine which issues are more pressing than the others. With JIRA, teams can also build workflows to address common issues and check their software for quality at multiple points. Over the years, JIRA has become the chosen project management solution for software development teams, but companies from other industries have also utilized JIRA’s flexibility, especially those enterprises that require issue tracking and workflow solutions.

6. Projectplace – Score: 9.4/10


Projectplace is one of the most effective business and project management apps suggested by our platform, with a current expert rating of 9.4/10. The intelligence and collaboration potential of this tool inspired our team to award it with a couple of our most prominent awards, including the Supreme Software Award for 2016, and the Best Agile Project Management Software Award for the same year. What was particularly impressive for us was that Projectplace is perfectly capable of meeting the needs of small, medium, and large businesses.

Currently, Projectplace is Europe’s leading online collaboration and agile project management tool, known by its flexible planning and organizational features which grow in parallel with your business’s development. With this system in place, all tasks can be monitored separately and from a single location, and files can be shared directly in the system, either uploaded from the local device, or via file transfer systems such as Dropbox, Google, and Box. Another valuable feature is impeccable data security, ISO 27001 certification, and an incredible uptime rate of 99.9%. Once you put Projectplace in action, it will surpass all challenges of running a decentralized team, and it will fill the gaps in your organizational structure.

7. eXo Platform – Score: 9.4/10


eXo Platform is another of our award-winning project management platforms, rated by our experts with a respectable score of 9.4/10. 

eXo Platform is one of the most customizable and best integrated products for social networking and collaboration, often classified by customers as an ‘exceptionally smart project management solution’. It offers a plethora of advanced social features, including document sharing and uploading, commenting, creating groups, and performing outstanding analysis. The user-centric design allows spontaneous engagement, and makes sure every employee will stay on the same page, and contribute to your company’s mission. Therefore, the platform is one of the prime solutions for project management collaboration which accelerates both community building and social management. Using it, you can also benefit from an advanced mobile integrations with native Android and iOS apps where you can track your team’s performance, and receive real-time updates. Users permissions are also available, and synchronized all across the platform.

8. Mavenlink – Score: 9.3/10


If you’re looking for a powerful online project management tool that can respond to your business needs regardless of your scale or industry, Mavenlink has got you covered. This is certainly one of the smartest options for accurate resource planning and financial tasks collaboration on a fraction of the price, which can meet teams of different sizes, and help them streamline all of their activities. Our expert SaaS team acknowledged both its organization and collaboration capacity, and rated it with a solid 9.3/10 score thanks to which it kept a position on this list.

Quite similar to Projectplace, Mavenlink organizes and manages various projects in a simple and convenient way, but doesn’t neglect the vitally important collaboration and communication channels for the teams to exchange files and opinions. Customers like it because of its instant notifications upon every update related to their projects, the same as the ability to pull relevant messages out without necessarily digging through their entire mail base. Mavenlink is exceptionally good for tracking resources and margins, and calculating time for each specific activity. Expense reports are also available, and you can test them using the company’s free trial, which will probably end up convincing you that Mavenlink is worth of your consideration.

9. Taskfit PRO – Our Score: 8.0/10

TaskFit Pro is a time tracking and management application built to empower employees to become more productive and make significant impact to the business’ overall growth. It automates time tracking processes and encourages you and your team to accomplish more work in as little time as possible.

The software also comes with task management capabilities to help you and your team stay on top of your priorities, accomplish what needs to be done, and seamlessly move on to the next task. All tasks contain the necessary information you need to perform actions, including description, categories, and more.

When you work on your task, the system automatically logs your time and generates timesheet reports based on the filters you specify, such as date range, categories, list, and more.

10. BeeWits – Our Score: 8.0/10

BeeWits is a project management tool purposely designed for independent web designers, small design agencies, and other professionals who are toiling in the digital marketing industry. That means the software is packed with tools and functionalities that are unique to web designers and digital marketers and none of the generic project management features.

With BeeWits, it is easy to organize your projects as the software takes care of the boring workload. All you need to do is channel your effort and expertise on the work at hand and let BeeWits do the grunt work. All information are centralized in a single space where everything is actionable and transparent. All users are on the same page, ensuring that everyone knows where they and their colleagues are, project status, assignments, schedule, and more.



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