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qnaMany large companies and even small businesses and startup enterprises now employ project portfolio management strategies to help them map out their business pursuits as well as balance risks and resources and derive the greatest possible value for the projects they enter and finance. Trey, a senior marketing officer for a web based FOREX company, is slated for promotion to a managerial position and is already planning to integrate not only the good, but the best cloud computing and business management tools to his system. Right now, he has his eyes set on the best project portfolio management software for companies.

“Hi! I could really use your help on something. I have been looking for the best project portfolio management system for companies quite a while now. But after digging through articles and tons of comparison on the best project portfolio management software for companies, I feel like there is still a lot for me to know. Choosing one at this point may seem to be too hasty for me and I might end up with a bad decision. Maybe you could provide me with your own list of top 5 project portfolio management software for small companies? I would really appreciate that. Thanks!”

Hey Trey! I am glad that you are studying the mechanics of project portfolio management. You will never believe how much the advantages of implementing such management discipline will help you with your job. That said, I do understand that the huge number of options readily available to you can be overwhelming and that it hinders you to make a good choice, if not the best decision.

Now, here are my five best project portfolio management software for companies. Now, bear in mind that I chose these software platforms mainly because of my personal preferences and after considering the features and functions that I want or demand from a project portfolio management software.

#1 Invantive Vision

Easy and simple to use, Invantive Vision is not your ordinary project portfolio management tool. It is a project planner loaded with features that makes it easy for you and your team to plan projects, implement initiatives and processes, delegate tasks, and secure project information among others.  Its Microsoft Outlook interface is a familiar sight for everyone who is familiar with the setup, making it quite easy for users to operate and access information and monitor trends and analyze data. It is a perfect suit for small to medium sized enterprises and runs on a variety of operating systems and platforms.

#2 Métier

Métier is a highly popular set of project portfolio management tools among business operators  and entrepreneurs who are always on the lookout for the next profitable project. But aside from its armada of project management functionalities, Métier’s strongest point is that it provides users with the capability to create customized visual content for more convincing and appealing reports. Métier works well for large and small companies. Free demos are offered for those who look to try out Métier’s unique brand of project portfolio management.

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#3 Zilicus

Zilicus is another popular choice for small and large enterprises that use project portfolio management tools. It is designed to be quite faster and easier to use compared to most of its contemporaries. Zilicus also parades a string of collaboration and communication tools, as well as risk management functionalities and early warning indicators. Award-winning and highly recommended even by the biggest corporations of various industries, Zilicus is something any entrepreneur and corporate boss should consider giving a deeper look.


I would suggest further reading, more particularly write ups and comparison on the leading project portfolio management software and then get yourself to know what to look for in a project portfolio management system. Knowing what you need and having an idea of what you want will greatly speed things up and eventually help you choose the most intelligent option.

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