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pmsPerformance pressures, intense competition, and the drive for success will further increase pressure on and drive of project management managers and teams to be the best this year. It is a good thing that new technology has also enabled executives, whether they are small business companies or large firms, have resulted in top solutions when it comes to project management.

To put it in simple terms, the business dynamics are also changing the landscape.

However, to really look at how new technology is changing today’s business landscape, let us take a look at the emerging market trends for project management software.

Project management solutions expand to fit more managerial roles

A comparison of market trends for project management software solutions show that the traditional concept of project management is no longer restricted to the information technology department. In the olden days, a project management software tool is usually handled by IT project managers or by an overall project manager who had operational and project responsibilities. As the industry becomes more competitive, expect project management software solutions expanding and getting more diversified to include more specialized roles and functions among the personnel in the company. Departments or teams that do not have traditional and active engagement in project management software solutions will be expected to become part of the whole business solution as part of the company’s overall aims and goals.

Project management roles will thus be expanded, and the new generation of solutions will be designed to follow this trend.

More software solutions will offer cloud packages

Expect to find among the market trends for project management software the rise of more software programs that are offering solutions using the Internet to support collaboration and scheduling. More solution providers will innovate how today’s companies are implementing their project management solutions. More companies will take advantage of these solutions that are easier to manage, platform independent, and also work in various mobile environments.

Project management software solutions will continue to evolve in today’s competitive business landscape.

Project management software solutions will continue to evolve in today’s competitive business landscape.

Solutions will no longer be desktop-based

They would not require complicated installation issues, costly administration fees, or burdensome maintenance concerns. All you need is a very reliable internet connection, and anyone from your team who is involved in the project—from the business owner down to the frontline staff—may have access from any location these days.

Collaboration will be the keyword

A review of the market trends for project management software programs show that the focus of many upcoming solutions will be seamless collaboration features that allow easier and more efficient communication and involvement among the various teams and team members. More companies will use collaboration solutions to handle tasks better and provide efficient project management support.

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More firms will begin to realize how collaboration is important in their business

What is collaboration in future business solutions? It means extending beyond your core teams to include partners, customers, and vendors. As your company’s network grows, both you and your other stakeholders will see the benefits. The project management solutions that push for such collaboration features are getting vital importance.

More focus on resource management

As project data and scheduling becomes more centralized, resource management emerges as a feasible option. Project management software solutions will offer better resource management features to allow team players to have a better view of the work pipeline and in assessing existing capability. Using the new platforms, data-driven judgments will boost project portfolio and resource decisions instead of mere guesswork on who has the capability to have additional work.

More distributed teams

As companies have better collaboration solutions and visibility into portfolio and project progress, expect the rise of distributed teams offered as a feature among the market trends for project management software. More distributed teams will become a necessity in today’s business solutions, enabling people across states or countries working together even without the need to become physically available in the office.

Social is the new norm

The popularity of various social media platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn will be very much part of the new project management software solutions. The business solutions will become more engaging more than ever. So expect that activities in the company’s social media feeds will become very much part in your project management tool.

Mobile application

Today’s project management software programs are offering mobile applications for easier and more efficient communication and coordination of projects and tasks. Expect to see more project managers using tablets or smartphones to get updated or keep tabs on various tasks or projects.

New project management software solutions are becoming more integrated and better.

New project management software solutions are becoming more integrated and better.

Rise of integrated tools

Previously, working with various systems for document management, project planning, risk management, issue/ticket tracking, and timesheet tracking is the norm—which is tedious and reduces productivity. Companies these days are realizing the advantage of getting one integrated software program and umbrella business solution compared with using individual systems that help fracture the progress of your operations by asking users to use different software programs to oversee a single project.

More cross domain integration features

Expect to see more project management software vendors offering various free or demo integration features with DropBox, Google Documents, and other storage services. Some business solutions even integrate with accounting and invoicing services.

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Proliferation of open-source technologies

Technologies as well as tools from the open source community have greatly saved the expenses of creating software applications. These software technologies have also boosted performance as well as scalability.

More outsourcing work

As projects become bigger and need manpower, emerging project management software solutions will include outsourcing features. These applications will help make sure the contractors will be working effectively in projects or tasks assigned to them.

To know more about upcoming business and project management trends, you might want to check out Business Analyst Times’ “2014 trends in business analysis and project management”.

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