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qnaChristy keeps a busy calendar running her own wedding planning company. A great part of her work involves coordination with venues, suppliers and of course clients. While there are three other staff helping her, she’s considering the adoption of online project management to lighten some of the heavy load. She asked this question:

Good day! Being a wedding planner is a stressful one; it’s hardly the glamorous profession that others envision it to be. A great part of it involves  being organized, having keen attention to details, and having great timing . In this business, we can’t afford to commit a major mistake and should one happen, we are always ready with last-minute alternatives.

Now, a lot of my work involves running around chasing people, being on the telephone and generally just trying to get things done. I am probably sitting around a desk just 20 per cent of the time sorting things out in my computer. It has occurred to me that I can tick off a lot of things in my to-do list with proper online project management. Can you enlighten me on the top things to consider when adopting this kind of management tool?. Thanks in advance!” – Christy, NY

Hello Christy, you’re right in time. A lot of professionals like you are now resorting to online project management to make sense out of the clutter. There are many good benefits to embracing a web based application, and a lot of them are now available on the cloud  for free. You just have to be patient in looking for the best online option out there.

Here are some valuable tips to get you started:

  1. Your online project management system should have a user-friendly interface. Take a look at the software’s Dashboard, it should offer an overview of everything at first glance. The layout should be easy on the eye, with tabs that can be a conveniently accessed for status updates, pending tasks and upcoming milestones.
  2. A powerful Calendar feature is a must to keep you apprised of important meetings, remind you of each schedule and arrange them  according to their order of priority. Ideally, the dashboard should be able to give you a full calendar view of the schedule and allow you to edit or set changes as you go along.
  3.  A robust File Management system should enable you to store all those photos, videos and documents. Look for a software with integration to in-demand apps like Google Docs and Dropbox so that you can easily share needed files to your clients and suppliers.
  4. A Task Management feature is vital if you have to coordinate with staff and suppliers about a lot of pending matters. The software should enable you to assign tasks to several people at the same time. It should allow you to customize things by way of deadlines, reminders, and notifications, among other things.
  5.  A Collaboration feature is important and will save you a lot of time doing the actual leg work. This can be done through various communication channels like email, video. mobile or online chat.
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In the Dashboard, you can include a client or supplier as a participant in the project, with user permissions. If you have to show an image or a document to them, the users should be able to put their comments and inputs there as well.

Truth is, there are countless applications out there with features boasting more than what we have already described. It is important to make a comparison of online project management software available and ask for a demo, if possible. Good luck!

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