Why Use Project Management Time Tracking Software: 3 Really Important Reasons

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qnaThe emergence of cloud computing and real time communication via online channels has revolutionized the way business is done.  Today, most business operations from the administrative standpoint are done with the help web based business systems and applications, including project management time tracking software. Rita, a budding virtual assistant, asks why she should consider installing and implementing time tracking systems in her work.

“Hi there! I am planning to start a great career in the virtual assistant industry and I keep hearing about project management time tracking software and other business applications. I know I sound l like a newbie but how does these things help me from my end as an online professional? Please enlighten me. Thanks!”

Time is gold, as the old adage goes. There is no need to explain the idiom as we all know what that meant. Time is money and in any human interaction, it is a precious resource and a basic necessity all rolled into one. Thus, time well managed and spent means monetary rewards for businesses and professional services providers such as yourself.

But allow me to be more specific and cite three particular reasons why using project management time tracking software is a good move whether you work as a freelance operator or as part of a larger enterprise.

Reason #1: Increases attendance and improves productivity

If you are a project manager who leads a team of professionals, you naturally want them to provide you with excellent work and great results. You want to meet deadlines and be very efficient about it. You surely don’t want them to slack off, be absent from work and waste time (and money) away. With project management time tracking software and tools, you have the things that can help you eliminate all time management problems you could imagine and end up maximizing your time.

Implementing a time tracking system motivates your team to work since their earnings will be based not only on their work but also in the minutes they put in. Expect reduced incidences of tardiness and absences once a time tracking application is in place.

Reason #2: Bill your clients accurately

It’s not just you and your team who reap the benefits of getting a time tracking software in place. Your clients are also part of the equation as well, especially if you are a freelance professional. Many clients require invoices before they pay their service providers. With time tracking systems, you can provide invoices with accurate figures as you are able to calculate the number of hours you have worked on a certain project or task. Being fair and square with your customers speaks volumes on your professionalism and this will lead to future business engagements with existing clients as well as potential work with other organizations.

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Reason #3: Evaluate project costs effectively

Many independent professionals often charge per project rather than per hour as they become more and more accustomed to their craft. But for budding professionals, using a project management time tracking software will help you assess how long a project will take to complete and provide you with the tools you need to give your clients a close estimate of the total costs.


The best time tracking systems will definitely help you manage your time, down to the minutes and seconds. Truth be told, there are a plethora of benefits that comes with employing time tracking software and applications. But only if you will commit yourself to your work, you will find that even the top project management software and applications can do little to help you take your business to higher heights.

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